The Mar-Keys and Booker T. & The MG's Live

(Stax S-720, July 1967)

Billboard Top 200 Chart Peak: #98
Billboard R&B Chart Peak: ?

Produced by: Jim Stewart

Track Listing


  1. Green Onions (4:12)

  2. Red Beans and Rice (1:55)

  3. Tic-Tac-Toe (2:35)

  4. Hip Hug-Her (2:51)

  5. Philly Dog [The Mar-Keys] (2:55)
    (Rufus Thomas)


  1. Grab This Thing [The Mar-Keys] (2:25)
    (Cropper/Al Isbell)

  2. Last Night [The Mar-Keys] (3:18)
    (Packy Axton/Gilbert Caples/Chips Moman/Floyd Newman/Smoochy Smith)

  3. Gimme Some Lovin' (2:56)
    (Spencer Davis/Muff Winwood/Steve Winwood)

  4. Booker-Loo (3:18)

  5. Outrage (2:40)
    (William Allan/Cropper/Jackson/Steinberg)

Liner Notes

Confused about the MG's and the Mar-Keys? You won't be after you've listened to these groovy sounds.

You guess it and you're right. Booker T. & The MG's, the artists of Green Onions, Red Beans And Rice and Hip Hug-Her, to name a few of their hits, is the rhythm section of The Mar-Keys, who picked up their woodwind instruments to cook on Last Night and Philly Dog.

Separately they're original and the greatest of all musicians. Combined they provide the music for every Stax/Volt release produced.

They don't perform from sheet music as most professional musicians do. They don't have to. I guess you'd say they all possess ability to create hit sounds.

They exchange ideas; strike up a groove on the spot and add a distinctive touch to any composition live and on records.

It's no wonder bands across the nation like to listen to and pattern themselves after Booker T. and The MG's (M.G. short for Memphis Group) and The Mar-Keys.

The names of these talented professional musicians who have added much to the never ending world of music are: Booker T. Jones, organ; Al Jackson Jr., drums; Donald "Duck" Dunn, electric bass; Steve Cropper, guitar; Joe Arnold, alto saxophone; Wayne Jackson, trumpet; and Andrew Love, tenor saxophone. They're the greatest.


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