(Stax S-717, May 1967)

Billboard Top 200 Chart Peak: #35
Billboard R&B Chart Peak: #4

Produced by: Booker T. & The MG's

Track Listing


  1. Hip Hug-Her (2:22)

  2. Soul Sanction (2:30)

  3. Get Ready (2:45)
    (Smokey Robinson)

  4. More (2:55)
    (Nino Oliviero/Riz Ortolani)

  5. Double or Nothing (2:51)

  6. Carnaby St. (2:14)


  1. Slim Jenkin's Joint (2:25)

  2. Pigmy (3:55)
    (Mel Brown/Billy Larkin/Henry Swarn)

  3. Groovin' (2:40)
    (Eddie Brigati/Felix Cavaliere)

  4. Booker's Notion (2:55)

  5. Sunny (3:24)
    (Bobby Hebb)

Liner Notes

The clouds have signed a peace treaty assuring that for the next six months they'll cease firing snowflakes at all of the "HIP HUG-HER" lovers. This phenomenal agreement has dispensed with all of nature's elements that kept the sun from warming the favorite places of contemporary music fans.

Arrangements are being made for the hot days. Every "hip" lass is in the midst of completing her wardrobe consisting of bikini tops and "HIP HUG-HERS" varying in style, color, length, and size. The parade of '67 fads, latest model transistors and portable record players, have started dominating the beaches, parks, and other locations that offer musical entertainment.

Booker T. & The MG's were the first to register for participation in this summer's activities. Their early anticipation of the kind of music that fans expect during the summer months of sunshine has made them number one in instrumental soul sounds.

During their appearances with the STAX/VOLT REVUE in England last month, British audiences were quick to acclaim Booker T. & The MG's. The warm reception Booker T. and the group received from British fans was a welcome stimulus for the gruop as most of their time spent in the STAX studio.

This album, Booker T. & The MG's contribution to music, is for enjoyment not only of those who favor the "Memphis Sound" but also for those who need an additional urge to convert them to the belief that "soul is the thing this year."


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