Along with Tengen, this was the most popular unlicensed company. Codemasters was the software house based in the UK that made the games, and Camerica published them in the United States. Codemasters started as two brothers writing games for computers in the 1980s. Then they went on to the NES, of course. Because of the two countries, they included a switch on the back of the cartridge to play on both U.S. and European systems. They also manufactured their cartridges in shiny gold and silver to attract business.

Most of their games are pretty rare. The Quattro series was unique because it combined four games on a single cartridge. They made more that games, too. Codemasters made the Game Genie and sold it to Galoob. However, the rarest accessory was the Aladdin Deck Enhancer. It plugged in like the Genie, but had its own unique carts. The Enhancer itself made games have more memory and space, thus providing larger and better games. The Aladdin was doomed, however, since Camerica folded soon after starting production.

The complete list of Camerica/Codemasters games.

Aladdin Deck Enhancer Camerica A+ Bee 52 Camerica B+ Big Nose Freaks Out Camerica A Big Nose Freaks Out (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+ Big Nose the Caveman Camerica B Dizzy the Adventurer (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+ Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy Camerica B- Fantastic Adv Dizzy (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+ Fire Hawk Camerica B Linus Spacehead Camerica B Linus Spacehead (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+ Micro Machines Camerica A- Micro Machines (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+ Mig 29 Camerica C+ Quattro Adventure Camerica B+ Quattro Adventure (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+ Quattro Arcade Camerica A- Quattro Sports Camerica B Quattro Sports (Aladdin Cart) Camerica A+ Stunt Kids Camerica A- Ultimate Stuntman Camerica C+