Capcom was formed in Japan in 1979, with the sole purpose of making electronic games. They were a major attraction in the arcade business, with many smash hits before even starting with the NES. The arcade games included Commando, 1942, and Ghosts 'N Goblins. Many of these games were later ported to the NES.

By far the most recignized Capcom character is Mega Man. The arcade game spawned five sequels on the NES alone, and very well might have made Capcom what it is today. Many of Capcom's games are considered "must-haves" by many NES gamers, including the Mega Man series (of course) and Bionic Commando. Though many of their older games were marred with bad translations, Capcom was not a company to be overlooked. They were one of the later companies to drop the NES, in 1992 after Mega Man V. Though a Mega Man VI was made, it was done so by Nintendo.

Capcom is still alive and kicking today. After it emerged from the NES, it took over arcades in the early 90s with the release of Street Fighter II, which spawned countless clones and got the U.S. back into arcades. They're still giants in the aracade business, while developing games for the Playstation and Dreamcast.

The complete list of Capcom games.

1942 Capcom C+ 1943 Capcom C+ Bionic Commando Capcom C Codename Viper Capcom C Commando Capcom C Darkwing Duck Capcom B+ Destiny of the Emporer Capcom B- Disney Adventure in Magic Kingdom Capcom B Duck Tales Capcom C+ Duck Tales 2 Capcom B+ G I Joe Atlantis Factor Capcom C+ Gargoyle's Quest 2 Capcom B+ Ghost & Goblins Capcom C Gold Metal Challenge Capcom B+ Gunsmoke Capcom B- Legendary Wings Capcom B Little Mermaid Capcom B Little Nemo Capcom B+ Mega Man Capcom B- Mega Man 2 Capcom C Mega Man 3 Capcom C Mega Man 4 Capcom B- Mega Man 5 Capcom B Mickey Mousecapade Capcom C+ Mighty Final Fight Capcom B+ Rescue Rangers Capcom C+ Rescue Rangers 2 Capcom B+ Section Z Capcom C Snow Brothers Capcom B Street Fighter 2010 Capcom B Strider Capcom C Talespin Capcom B Trojan Capcom C Willow Capcom B- Yo Noid Capcom C+