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What is the NES?

The Nintendo Entertainment System was a video game system released in the United States in October 1985. It was launched by Nintendo in Japan in the summer of 1983, and it was brought to the US in hopes of reviving the market and bringing it's enormous Asian success to other countries. There were 17 original launch titles including immortal hits such as Super Mario Brothers.

At one point, a third of all U.S. households with children owned an NES, and by the time Nintendo discontinued support in 1995 the game library boasted 773 titles. The NES had saved home video games—it pulled the market out of a crash and held 90% of the industry, a record never seen before or since. It's arguably the most successful and awesome system ever.

From a technical standpoint, the NES runs on an 8-bit Motorola 6502 processor at 1.79 Mhz, 52 possible colors, 4k of RAM, and a 256×224 resolution.

Where can I find [game/accessory/system]?

The question I'm asked the most. There are a few places you're bound to find old NES and other video game stuff if you look hard enough.

I need help with this game...

I'm sorry I can't be much of a help on this one. I don't own every game, but you can find manuals, walkthroughs, tips, codes, passwords, and all that other juicy stuff at GameFAQs. That should get you going.

My NES doesn't work!

If you're getting blinking power lights, scrambled graphics, or crashing games, you're not alone. The most common problem is that either the system's contacts or the game's are dirty, or both.

The solution: clean them! Buy some 100% isopropyl rubbing alcohol and a box of Q-Tips. Dip the Q-Tip in the alcohol so as to soak it, and rub it along the contacts of the game. Use the other end of the swab to dry off the alcohol. Repeat this until all traces of dirt are gone. I do this to any game I buy before inserting it into the system. If things still don't work, then you'll have to clean the system itself, which is a bit more complex. I'll leave it to this guide by Jay McGavren.

Some general maintainence tips: keep your carts in a cool, dark, and dust-free environment, preferably in their slip-cases. We always see this kind of warning yet we hardly heed it. If you do that you'll reduce your cleaning time and extend the cart's life.

If you're still stuck, mail away.