Game Over by David Sheff

Read it. It's excellent.
      This you have to read. Even if you don't like reading. This book, written by David Sheff in 1993, chronicles several chapters of Nintendo's history, ranging from it's founding to the release of the Super NES and CD project with Sony. It's really a good read, and gives some nitty-gritty details that are pretty neat. After reading it's pretty obvious Sheff is a big geek—but a well-informed one, and I learned a lot.

Some of the Stuff Covered:

  • Nintendo's early history
  • Pre-Donkey Kong arcade games
  • The success of Donkey Kong
  • Famicom development
  • Arcade hits
  • The tough process of developing and selling the NES
  • NES success and lawsuits
  • Tengen and other unlicensed companies
  • The Tetris affair
  • Way more NES odds and ends
  • The SNES and Gameboy
  • The development of the SNES CD system with Sony
  • A lot more