Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Year: 1988
Rarity: C
Password/Save: Password

Plot: 1943: The Battle of Midway, is an excellent port of the classic arcade game. Although it may seem like your same old top shooter, it's a breed apart. You have to attack enemy forces in WWII—most notably at the Battle of Midway—and secure the Pacific region and make sure you don't get yourself killed in the process. It's a great challenge, but you hopefully won't leave as a mangled corpse twisted in metal.

Challenge: B+. Challenging , especially on the later levels, but the good kind of challenging. I don't find myself getting really frustrated, even after dying with one hit left on the boss. It's odd.

Graphics: C. Since you're zoomed out, there's not much nitty gritty detail. I like the way the enemy bosses are done, though, and the animations after destroying them bring a smile to my face. My only serious gripe is the water which you're flying over, which is tough on the eyes after prolonged play. A darker blue would've been better.

Sound: B. Very catchy music, which is pure Capcom all the way. Appropriate sound effects, which aren't bad for 1988, especially the explosions.

Fun: B. Very entertaining, but might get a little un-fun without a turbo controller. Playing without one is trying—you'll wear down your controller buttons and your thumbs at the same time.

Overall: B. I'll give it a "not bad" although there's a few flaws. It's probably worth owning, so pick it up!