Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1988
Rarity: C
Password/Save: No

Plot: Anticipation is a Pictionary knock-off, in which the computer will draw a picture (with the help of preliminary guide dots) and the first person to ring in and guess the object gets a color card. Complete all the colors, and you advance a level up, a step closer to sweet, sweet victory.

Challenge: D+. Perhaps my perception of this game's difficulty has been skewed, since I can recognize almost every drawing before it finishes. This deadens the replay value considerably. If you're new to the game, it can provide some tension.

Graphics: D+. The actual drawings are blocky, but that is necessary due to the nature of the game. The boards and game pieces themselves are well done but uninspiring. This is a very unimportant category to a game such as this.

Sound: C. The music is upbeat but ultimately meaningless, with each board having its own melody. The sound effects borrow from the standard Rare library but are adequate.

Fun: B–. Again, this drops a lot the more you play it, due to the limited library of unique puzzles that will have you repeating many of them in time. Still, I can't help but laugh my ass off every time I play with someone new and "Hot Dog Stand" comes up. It's usually, "What the FUCK just happened?!"

Overall: C+. This is a decent multiplayer cartridge—in fact, it should only be played as one. At least it saves you from being a complete square by playing Pictionary old-style with paper.