Developer: Mindscape
Publisher: Mindscape
Year: 1993
Rarity: B
Password/Save: Password

Battleship for the NES plays a lot like your traditional Battleship "board" game. But this one just blows the old way out of the water. Now there's more ships, different ships, better guns and shots, SONAR -- the works. It features huge multiple shot missiles, reconissance, and a six-hit-to-kill aircraft carrier, in addition to the stuff you're familiar with. Grab this ASAP.

Challenge: C. I really can't give this a too accurate rating for one simple reason -- the game is heavily based on luck.

Graphics: C. Well, it's a puzzle game, but what can be drawn well is.

Sound: B. Nice music, kind of a mixture of urgent and sailor tunes. Well done! The sound effects are a little generic, but they get the job done.

Fun: C+. After forty levels, it might get boring. It could've used a two player mode, but it would be tough to do.

Overall: B-. Kicks the old way of playing out of the water.