Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Year: 1989
Rarity: C-
Password/Save: No

Plot: It seems this Louisiana jerkass Gordon stole your girlfriend. So you, that Rajin' Cajun' Bayou Billy, must work your way across the bayou to Nawlans and whip Gordon's ass. On your way, you kick the shit out of Gordon's thugs with whips, chains, knives, and guns.

This, by what we've seen so far, should work out, right? Let's see.

Challenge: A+. Simple. It's the hardest NES game of all time. If you beat this without a Game Genie you deserve a Nobel Prize or some kind of reward. Killing people takes forever!

Graphics: B. Pretty good, typical of a Konami release, although the tree in the background are a little repetitive. The cut scenes show some pretty good skill.

Sound: A. Great music, kind of a "Cajun New Orleans" style (kinda hard to explain). It recycles many generic but still great sound effects from other Konami releases.

Fun: D+. The shooting game is great, driving is OK, and the fighting is just terrible. I can't think of a lot of instances when I thought it was worth my (not valuable) time.

Overall: D. The insane difficulty ruined this game for all eternity. It was just an excellent idea tarnished. I used a Game Genie to beat this, and it took three hours. In the fighting mode, it take at least 7 jumpkicks to a man, often triple teamed, 3 one 1. I (don't really) shudder to think about it.