Developer: Virgin
Publisher: Virgin
Year: 1993
Rarity: A-
Password/Save: No

Plot: Outlines of dinosaurs. Fill in the outlines with patterns and colors. Rinse, repeat.

Challenge: F. There is no challenge because there is no game to speak of. No plot, no goals, levels, or anything to aspire to. And since this is an NES game, junior (age three!) can't print out his masterwork so you can put it on the fridge.

Graphics: C-. The pictures of the dinosaurs are decent and cartoony, but there is no animation to speak of and the color palettes take me back to CGA graphics on an old 286. Pink and bright thanks.

Sound: F. Bleeps and blips. I can't really think of any other way to describe it.

Fun: F. Where?

Overall: F. There is no reason for this game to exist.