Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Year: 1988
Rarity: E
Password/Save: No

It seems some wicked alien from outer space named Red Falcon wants to conquer Earth. Starting out in South America, then the rest. So the US sent two of it's toughest soldiers: Bill (code name Mad Dog) and Lance (code name Scorpion) to stop them. You must shoot your way through several levels until you get to the ultimate enemy: the alien itself.

Challenge: A. One hit and you're dead. You get three lives. Better use them wisely. Has anyone beat this game without the Konami code or the Game Genie?
Graphics: B. Above par, and well done for a 1988 release.
Sound: B. Typical Konami music : great, great, and oh yes, great.
Fun: A. This best part about this is there is two player simultaneous action for two players. When one player gets a game over, you can even steal lives from your partner.
Overall: A+. Jeff Rovin says it best "Though the title of this game is misleading the soldiers are American and the menace is extraterrestrial the game is a total war in a box. There isn't a game on the market that requires more dexterity and blink-and-you're-dog-meat concentration..." This is a very intense, reflex-testing game. If you don't have this game, drop everyting now and get it.