Developer: Technos Japan
Publisher: American Technos
Year: 1992
Rarity: B
Password/Save: No

It seems that Todd Thornley, a stuck up rich snob, is constantly getting his candy ass kicked by Crash and his boys in the All-City track meet. He finally gets so pissed off that he challenged Crash Cooney on his own turf to a no rules free for all of events. Crash accepts, not knowing that Todd has assembled an all star cast of players.

Challenge: D. Definitley the worst part of the game. Anyone with a turbo controller can conquer it quickly but the challenge is probably the least important category here.
Graphics: B+. Nearly flawless. As good, if not better, than River City Ransom. The best effect is that the background scrolls more slowly than the foreground, giving it a realistic, SNESish effect!
Sound: A. Strong. Very strong. There's just something about Technos, I guess. Perfect game to game.
Fun: A. The events Roof Top Jumping, Street Fighting, Canal Swimming, 400 Meter Hurdles, and Hammer Throw are a blast (and hilarious.) For example, in Canal Swimming, when your opponent goes up for air, you hold his head underwater and beat the shit out of him. You can also buy items like "Chomper" : a big fish that will bite the man under water. He goes unconcious and probably takes some water in his lungs.
Overall: A. A must-have, but then almost every Technos game is a must-have, right?