Developer: Technos Japan
Publisher: Acclaim
Year: 1989
Rarity: D
Password/Save: No

It's 19XX, and New York has been ripped apart by nuclear war. The city underwent a TOTALLY COMPLETE TRANSFORMATION from peaceful, quiet, law-abiding town into a haven for muggers, killers and drug dealers. Even though there's been a nuclear war, nobody seems to notice the green sky and arms growing out of people's necks. "RAY-DEA-TION SOO-T?"

Billy and Jimmy Lee, two tough street fighters are out for revenge. Their girl wasn't simply kidnapped—she's been KILLED! Payback time.

This has to be the most violent game ever. While battling through gangs, you have a large variety of weapons and lethal karate moves to execute. Pipe bombs, knives, grenades, metal rods, freakin' huge spiked cannon balls on the end of chains—all at your disposal. Not to mention face-smashing knees to the face, uppercuts, jaw-shattering kicks to the chin, elbow drops, and hurling people over your head. You can even pull people's hair and choke them by holding on to their collar.

Challenge: B–. It won't be easy. There's some mean and pissed off f*ckers out there, and they want to kill you. Really bad. Especially Abobos and those ugly dykes with mohawks.

Graphics: A. The "green sky due to radiation" idea was sure a good one because it gives a darn good background to look at. The other visuals offer a clean look that's worth noticing.

Sound: B. Not bad, but not memorable either. It's at a pretty low volume and you're absorbed in the so much you don't really notice it much. What you can hear is nice.

Fun: A+. This game wouldn't be complete without a two-player simultaneous mode. And the sheer number of ways you can kill people will having you saying, "HOLY SHIT! THAT KICKS ASS!"  Something you'll wanna pick up and play if you feel like killing someone, and for me that's often enough...uh...

Overall: B+. Double Dragon II: The Revenge rivals River City Ransom as best fighting game for the loveable NES, and it definitely has more hardcore killing action. A must buy if you like destroying things and...GETTING REVENGE.