Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1985
Rarity: E
Password/Save: No

This is a neat little racing game really makes you appreciate the simplicity of classic gaming. You are this little racer in a red jumpsuit that roars over colossal and small jumps, and through mud while weaving through other bikers. The A button accelerates, while the B button is turbo. Be careful using the turbo for extended periods of time will cause you to overheat and send you to the sidelines to cool off.

Challenge: F. Very easy. Probably a good first game for a novice NES player. But the real fun comes playing against other humans anyway (for time.)

Graphics: C. The graphics themselves are average for a 16-year-old game, but the colors are a bit wacky (neon green grass and blue stands?)

Sound: C. Once again, a weak "adequate" consider the age of the game. There's a few snippets of music besides the title screen, the groan of the engine, and a few other bleeps and blips. Not much to talk about.

Fun: B+. This is an excellent multi-player game, competing for time against other humans. It's also fun to take out enemy bikers by clipping your back tire against their front. They'll sprawl out of control and crash while you speed by. I don't know why I think that's so hilarious, but it's cool nonetheless. Even watching yourself wipe out by landing in various demented positions is neat.

Overall: B+. This is retro gaming at it's best. Too bad the non-Japanese missed out on V.S. Excitebike which was released for the Famicom Disk System and featured split-screen mulitplayer action. Oh well, this game kicks ass anyway. I suggest you own it.