Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1985
Rarity: E
Password/Save: No

Oh, no! The mad scientist, Professor Hector, has some bad news. This lab is rigged with dynamite, and set to blow any second. Can he, with the help of ROB, defuse the dynamite, and at the same time avoid monsters? Or will it blow, with him going along for the ride? Note : I'm reviewing this game as played with two players, as opposed to the ROB, since I don't own a ROB. One player controlls professor, the other the pillars.

Challenge: C. Not really hard. Only a few levels are tough, ones if you make a mistake about the order of bombs collected, and you're screwed.

Graphics: B. For an early NES game, great! Sharp and clear.

Sound: B. Extremely catchy, cartoony music you'll be humming all day.

Fun: A-. Very fun, one player controlling the pillars, the other the professor. Among the best simultaneous two-player games. Squashing enemies will pillars, and planting food for enemies under pillars is a roit.

Overall: B. Lots of solid gameplay here.