Developer: Hacker International
Publisher: Panesian Taiwan
Year: 1991
Rarity: A+
Password/Save: No

This is probably one of the rarest video games on the planet (it's been estimated only 2,000 exist). It's basically a poorly-coded porno/slot machine game. I'm kinda glad it's so rare, because it sucks mad ass. Did they think that people would play the game, get turned on by 8-bit breasts and pixelated naked women talking dirty to them? Then just start feverishly masturbating? Then afterward, say "I got my money's worth!"?

You get a nudie scene after winning so much money on the slot machines. Wow.

Challenge: F. It's sickening, really. It's pretty much all luck. Just put in some money and slam some buttons and hope all the cute little oranges line up.

Graphics: B+. The women are drawn fairly well for an NES game, but that doesn't mean someone will get turned on or something. The slot machine itself is rather average.

Sound: F. Very, very, annoying. At first it made me think of Japanese people, then whipped me into a psychotic seizure in which I hit my computer speakers with a sledgehammer. Weird.

Fun: C+. "What? A C+?" You ask. Yep. This game is funny! There's nothing like laughing at lame attempts by some fuckshit Japanese programmers to turn someone on with this tripe.

Overall: Dľ. A very lame and shoddily-coded game indeed. Did you notice they spelled the title differently on the cart and title screen? Or how about misspelling "hands" with "hends"? The list could go on forever, really. That's not to say you shouldn't piss your pants when you see this game, though. If you sell it on eBay to some die-hard collector (or porno fiend) it'd easily bring in a couple of hundred bucks because of it's rarity.