Developer: Irem
Publisher: Irem
Year: 1990
Rarity: B+
Password/Save: Password

Plot: The storyline is all too typical. The Wizard King is one pretty bad dude, so he's decided to take over Vegetable, Cake, Fruit, and Toy Land. And, as you have guessed, it's up to Kickle to free the imprisoned citizens.

The gameplay is unique. Kickle is equipped with freezing breath that will enclose most anything it touches in ice. From there, the blocks of ice can be kicked and pushed in any direction to form bridges over the icy water. He's also equipped with ice pillars that can block enemies. The object of the game is to use these and other powerups to collect various magic bags and other items to complete levels.

Challenge: B+. The challenge factor in Kickle Cubicle has more to do with the puzzle solving than it does with actual quickness, reflexes, and overall skill. Where do you hit a block? What can it bounce off of? How do you flip that switch? It'll really make you think. The clever puzzles you solve are terrific and strangely absorbing.

Graphics: C+. Above average for this type of game. What I mean by that is that the visuals don't go into a terrible lot of detail due to the view, high above the action. My only gripe is the water, which is incredibly monotonous and hard on the eyes. Wait a sec, who stares at the water? Another thing—doesn't Kickle look a lot like Dizzy from the Codemasters games? No matter.

Sound: B+. The same songs play throughout the whole game, but I'll be damned if they're not enjoyable. I pretty much love the Garden Land level song. It's catchy, it's addicting, and anything but boring and typical. Well done, Irem. The sound effects are pretty short and simple.

Fun: B+. It's strange, this game really rocks desipte all of it's cuteness. It's probably the only puzzle game I can think of that's actually fun, in a FUN FUN kind of way. You probably don't have a clue as to what I'm talking about. That's OK, I'm sure I got my point across.

Overall: B+. The password system is a real winner. Had it been an internal saving system, the battery would have died long ago (sadly), but the passwords aren't miles long. An enjoyable piece of software on the whole, and one of my favorite games. An absolute must for puzzle game fans. It's a refreshing break.