Developer: Irem
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1985
Rarity: E
Password/Save: No

Here's the deal : some evil ninja, Mr. X., has kidnapped the fair Sylvia. Another ninja, Thomas, happens to be Sylvia's man, so you must go to Mr. X.'s hideout and beat the living piss out of everything that moves until you get Sylvia back. But your adversary has about a trillion ninjas of his own to stop you.

Challenge: Dľ. This one will be beaten with ease. I've done it in less than 15 minutes.

Graphics: C. Colorful, but can be excused due to the early date of the game.

Sound: D+. The music loops every few seconds or so, but the grunts and yells are comical.

Fun: B. It's very fun. Try to see who can beat the game in the least amount of time. You'll each get at least three tries in a half hour.

Overall: B. Don't miss this one. It's dirt common, so grab it.