Developer: Taito
Publisher: Taito
Year: 1986
Rarity: C-
Password/Save: No

Plot: "Toward the end of the Edo period, Japan was attacked by a group of mystical villains. The beautiful Princess Kiri was kidnapped. Many Samurai warriors were sent to rescue her. None ever returned. You are a daring young ninja named Kage. You are also the last hope for Princess Kiri's safety. You will need all your courage and Ninja skills in your attempt to rescue the fair Princess from her evil captors!"

Uh, right, Jack. After viewing the incredibly gripping opening sequence, you're thrust into the game...uh oh...

Challenge: D. Challenging? Yes. If your definition of "challenging" happens to be "holding foreward occaisionally punching the B button." The biggest challenge might be trying to hold your in your lunch. The people that were hired to KILL you do little more than prance around, jumping fifty feet in the air over your head, and running off the screen. They don't make bloodthirsty samurais like they used to, it seems.

Graphics: C. I have to admit, the graphis are well done, except for the character himself. No face! You can see from the screenshots below, the trees look pretty nice.

Sound: D+. I don't think the soundtrack would've been so bad if it weren't for the HIGH PITCHED squwelching that the music was sequenced in. As usual, just blips and such for sound effects.

Fun: F. Never once during this whole endeavor did I think that I wasn't wasting my time. Not once. Hmm...perhaps I should think of a homourous thing I'd rather do than play this game. Oh, yes! I would rather eat goat feces. Yes folks, the game's that bad.

Overall: D. This game all but sent me sprawling to the floor and vomiting. It's just really bad, and there's not much else I can say. Perahps this started the whole "ninja" genre on the NES. Probably, considering 96% of NES ninja games after this one sucked beyond comprehension.