Developer: Nihon Bussan Co. Ltd.
Publisher: FCI
Year: 1986
Rarity: C-
Password/Save: No

This game is pretty bizarre. You play this little guy in a space shuttle-looking thing that drives over the ground. You can go below ground and pick up parts that will add to your "body." After you're fully powered up you're a walking robot that has a gun on each part of your body.

Challenge: D+. You don't even have to shoot stuff — simply avoiding enemies (which are pretty sparse) is all you really have to do.

Graphics: D+. Look like Atari 2600, almost. This must've been ported from another platform. They didn't do a good job enhancing the graphics at all.

Sound: C. Very, very generic and boring. The sound effects are pretty cheesy, too. At least there are two different songs (wow!) Well, too bad they both suck ass.

Fun: C. A yawner, no doubt. It could have used a two player simultaneous mode — that could've added some spice to this game. Or, if you're a "the glass is half empty" person, it could make for double the crappiness!

Overall: C. Yikes. This game is pretty bad. Pass it up unless you're a collector (and if you find it for under $0.07) or you'll be pretty grossed out at this. It's just so incredibly generic and traditional of all shooters. Yuck. Anyhow, this game might be fun while experimenting with PCP, though I don't recommend it.