Developer: Tecmo
Publisher: Tecmo
Year: 1989
Rarity: E
Password/Save: No

Ninja Gaiden has a pretty confusing storyline, which is probably why the "cut-scenes" are so effective. It's kinda like a movie in between stages. This is one of the many reasons why this game kicks some serious bootyhole.

Challenge: A+. Maybe I just suck at these types of games or something, but I can't get past stage 5-3. One the toughest aspects of the game is you bounce backward after you hit an enemy usually either right into another enemy or, most often, into a pit. Instead of bitching I'll just thank Tecmo for putting in an unlimited continues deal. This cartridge will keep you on your toes, but many playing sessions will end with a slur of cursing and swinging a meat mallet at your NES.

Graphics: B. It's not screaming good graphics, but the cut scenes and animation are remarkable. But if I cared about graphics, I wouldn't be playing the NES, would I?!

Sound: A. This is one of the few NES games that will bring a bass beat out of your TV! It has good bass, good beat, and an overall catchiness that's hard to explain without listening to it.

Fun: B. Well, it's not the Bubble Bobble, cutesy kinda fun (hi Bubblun!), but the suspense and action is terrific. Didja get that? NO? Never mind.

Overall: B+. This is a solid platformer, and will keep you busy hours on end. I highly recommend it, and it's better than it's older brothers, but that's another story all together. The cut scenes were truly revolutionary, and probably started them. The game actually gives you a good storyline worth playing the game to see how it ends. And, in the words of fellow reviewer Kurt Kalata, "'s like a fast-paced Castlevania..." So, if you like Castlevania, you'll take a shine to this one (at least I hope you do. I can't be held responsible, though...)