Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Year: 1986
Rarity: D
Password/Save: No

GO FIGHT!   Six freaky wrestlers Giant Panther, Kin Corn Karn, Starman, Fighter Hayabusa, The Amazon, and King Slender (cough) are all out on a quest to capture the NWA title and whip the Great Puma's ass. They all have a slew of elite wrestling moves at their disposal, as well as their own special moves. Among them are the backbreaker, the brainbuster, and the piledriver.

This game really caputes the spirit of 80s wrestling, when it was fun to watch. Today wrestling sucks more ass than McDonald's makes hamburgers. Get this game. Really. I mean it.

Challenge: A. Well, considering the first 8 matches can be won in less than a minute, this seems like a cakewalk at first. But as the later levels come up you'll find yourself getting your ass kicked increasingly more often than you thought you would. You have to wrestle each man like four times without losing, and that'll just get you to the Great Puma.

Graphics: C. Meh. Nothing special, pretty typical for an early game. Is it just me, or do all the wrestlers look like they weigh 100 pounds, instead of the 400 they should weigh? And don't all the people in the crowd look like those South Park kids?

Sound: D. I'll be blunt. Listening to the music loop for the 465th during a match downright sucks. You'll want to lower the volume on your TV and blast some other kind of music in the background.

Fun: B. My oh my. You can do some pretty funny shit on this game. As the Amazon you can gnaw at your opponents neck and then laugh at him afterwards just like in real wrestling, right?

Overall: A. Despite it's age, it blasts those 887,284 clone-like N64 wrestling games out of the water, and for that matter, all but one of the NES ones too.