Developer: Technos Japan
Publisher: American Technos
Year: 1989
Rarity: C
Password/Save: Password

This is a pseudo-RPGish fighting game. It's awesome! It's great! It's terrific! Slick, and evil gang member, has kidnapped Alex's girlfriend and taken over River City High. Alex and his partner in crime, Ryan, must begin a trek to RCHS and defeat Slick. But all along the way are the gangs that have taken over the city. You godda get trash cans, chains, pipes, and whatever's handy to beat them shitless. They drop some cash along the way, allowing you to buy powerups, techniques, and what have you. A MUST HAVE!

Challenge: B. Despite having an easy final boss, this one will keep you going at it. It's best with another player to help you beat the shit out of those petty thugs.

Graphics: B+. I like 'em! The city skyline is nicely drawn, and everything is in bright colors. And godda love those Technos characters!

Sound: A-. This music is definitley the most hummable I can remember in a long while. It has sort of an energizing quality to it.

Fun: A+. Beating the shit out of people is even more of a riot with another person.

Overall: A+. Definitley the best fighting game ever to grace a video game system. Though the password system is the worst ever, that doesn't mean you can get away with not owning this one. And in the words of the great Seanbaby, "Claimed by all non-retards to be the best game of all time..."