Developer: Icom Simulations
Publisher: Kemco
Year: 1989
Rarity: c+
Password/Save: Save

The evil Warlock Lord is making a bid to take over the world by creating a hideous monster, the Behemoth. You, the hero, must make a journey to his lair, Castle Shadowgate, and destroy both before they conquer the world. Many puzzles and mysteries must be solved before the final showdown.

Challenge: B+ . The puzzles are pretty tough, and some you really have to just sit, think and browse through your items until you find the solution. Since Castle Shadowgate has no lighting, you must keep torches lit all though your journey a task that may slip your mind and result in death if you don't keep it in the back of your mind. The challenge would probably be an A if it weren't for the fact that you start off in the last room you were in after death.

Graphics: B. Only a quarter of the screen has graphics, but what's there's pretty well drawn. Good enough for me.

Sound: A. Very impressive. The musical score is 100% medieval and even though the game isn't scary it does make it kind of creepy.

Fun: C+. Well, adventure-puzzle games never were absolutely fun, because most of the time you're buried in thought. It can get a little frustrating after dying for picking up book, for example. You will die many deaths playing this cart.

Overall: B. I am "pleasantly" surprised with game. The game also seems to have an incredible "writing ability" and an impressive vocabulary. My only complaint is that the interface for playing is a bit cumbersome. The cursor moves a bit slow for my liking.