Developer: Software Creations
Publisher: Arcadia
Year: 1990
Rarity: B
Password/Save: No

Silver Surfer is based on some crappy comic, and the game seems to have continued the tradition. Silver Surfer has great graphics, mind boggling sound, yet seems to still blow because of intolerable difficulty. One hit and you're falling off your surfboard. Ouch. There's a top down shooting mode and a side scrolling mode, just so you can see your ass getting kicked from multiple angles. And another thing does this guy wear pants?

Challenge: A+. Like I said, one hit and you're dead. Throw in some pretty sluggish controls and you'll never finish the game.

Graphics: B-. I must say I was impressed with the graphics when I first saw the game, which is why I couldn't believe it when I actually took a few moments to play it.

Sound: A+. Some of these tracks could be put on a CD and never know they were from a video game. These tunes definitely rock, but the only problem is you won't play the game long enough to listen to all of them.

Fun: F. Blah. The fact that one hit and you're dead ruins this game completely. Once a level you do get a "kill everything on the screen," but it's only a temporary solution.

Overall: D. Well, I can't say I wasted my $0.39, it at least gave me a game to review. If you have a few cents left-over after a game spree, you might consider getting a hold of this game just to hear the kickass music. But otherwise...