Developer: Electronic Arts
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Year: 1990
Rarity: B
Password/Save: No

You're going for a nice peaceful skate in Elmwood one afternoon. The day is beatiful. You cruise down the sidewalk, when suddenly the town thug Icepick says, "Hey poseur, where'd you learn to skate?" You look the other way to holler back at him -- not aware you're on a collision course with the mayor's wife's dog. Splat. And in a heartbeat, skateboards are banned and you halfpipe is demolished. There are two modes in this game -- ramp (traditional Skate or Die!) and story mode (you battle to get your halfpipe back and skateboards unbanned.)

Challenge: B. It's pretty high in story mode because the controls are pretty bad. In the ramp they're flawless.

Graphics: B. Pretty good. In the story mode they're kinda just "blah", but in the ramp they're leaps and bounds about it's older brother.

Sound: C+. The only reason this gets a semi-bad grade is that the story mode music is just downright annoying. The ramp is another story, you can get mega bass on this thing if you have your NES hooked up to a stereo. Now this will sound cheesy, but the music on the ramp is rad. This game a totally "boss" voice synthesizer, too.

Fun: B. Another mixed category -- the story mode gets old fast and is annoying. The ramp, on the other hand is real blast. Tons of cool stuff here.

Overall: B+. I am in love with the ramp, which brings the story mode's average up. The ramp is improved in so many ways -- like a mini on in the middle of the big ramp, more moves, more points -- the list goes on. Buy this game.