Developers: Chris Covell, Joey Parsell, M. Iwaneo
Publisher: Chris Covell
Year: 2001
Rarity: N/A
Password/Save: No

Ever played the old QBASIC game Gorillas by Microsoft? This is like it, but much better. The point of the game is to destroy the enemy tank by aiming your projectile according to distance and height. There is variety because each planet you fight on has a different kind of gravity—Mercury's gravity means more power is needed, while on Pluto your shots almost float in the air. You can also move your tank through the pockmarked terrain to throw off your enemy's aim.

This is a home-brewed NES game, and as they say in the beer business, brewed to perfection. Programmed by Chris Covell on his Amiga, this game is a miracle. Since it isn't available in cartridge form (unless you make it yourself) you can play it on any NES emulator...legally of course, since this game is freeware. Check it out.

Challenge: C. I don't know. Maybe I'm stupid or something, but I haven't beaten my brother at this game yet (did I mention it's only for 2 players? Oops.) Anyway, factors like gravity and must-have precision don't make the game hard—but gives it variety which is regrettably absent in many NES games.

Graphics: B+. The remind me of something that Rare would do. It's hard to believe this was programmed by a "common man" (not that I consider game companies to be gods or anything.) Crisp, clean, and detailed. Just the way it should be done.

Sound: B+. Besides music on the title screen, menus, and ending, there's only sound effects during battle. Much like the graphics, I was surpised by the sound's sophistication. You godda give Memblers and Iwaneo credit on a job well done.

Fun: B. I have to admit that I was skeptical when I first tried Solar Wars. I figured that it'd be just a spotty demo-ish ROM that showed off the programmer's skill. The truth is, it's actually quite good. My brother is always asking to play it, and it's just downright a good time-killer.

Overall: B+. I don't have much left to say except to go download the game and try it out. You'll like it. I hope this isn't the last home-brewed game we'll see from Chris Covell.