Developer: Hudson Soft
Publisher: Taxan
Year: 1988
Rarity: C-
Password/Save: No

Star Soldier is one of those games that you buy for like $0.50, take home, play once, and then collects dust forever. This is what I did with it. "Same old 1943 clone," I though to myself. Then one rainy day with nothing else to do, I played it again and was promptly addicted. It's got a good quality to it; something you can't put your finger on, even though it's nothing groundbreaking.

Challenge: C. You can only get hit once. But to tell you the truth, I just don't find this game to be that hard.

Graphics: C. Incredibly average is pretty much all I can say. I really wasn't impressed with anything. On the plus side, though, I didn't feel like vomiting at all while trying to beat the Star Brain and his evil thugs.

Sound: C–. The music is enough, but that's it. It's not really something that you notice anyway. The sound effects are typical—mediocre—so you might just want to turn the music off and listen to something else.

Fun: C+. The concept is not terribly interesting, but there's enough powerups to keep things interesting for a few sessions.

Overall: C. A solid C game that you'll either love or hate. The game not be fresh and new, but at least it's better than many top shooters.