Developer: Codemasters
Publisher: Camerica
Year: 1991
Rarity: C+
Password/Save: No

The young scientist, Jenny Akroyd, has been kidnapped by the evil Dr. Evil (how original). You, the Ultimate Stuntman, must rescue Jenny before it's too late. There's a car driving mode (a la Super Spy Hunter) and a fighting mode (a la Wrath of the Black Manta). Can you rescue Jenny Akroyd? I hope so, because it's a difficult task. This game is a good one, and a might rare. So get your hands on this Codemasters goodness.

Challenge: B. I haven't really played this a lot, but this a tough game to complete.

Graphics: A. Sharp, clear, vibrant, and excellent animation.

Sound: A. Energizing, awesome music.

Fun: B. The driving mode is the best part.

Overall: B. The game player and collector alike should look into this one.