Developer: Atari Games
Publisher: Tengen
Year: 1989
Rarity: C
Password/Save: No

This nice little unlicensed racer is based on the old Atari game, Sprint (obviously.) It has some good tracks and nice gameplay, and has a pretty fun two player mode. On each track you can pick up wrenches to upgrade your racer; all while avoiding oil slicks and tornadoes. Oh, and did I mention the other cars?

Challenge: C+. Kind of simple, the only real tough gameplay is when you're pitting against another player.

Graphics: D+. A weak part of the game. It's a pretty straighforeward top-down view, and not much room for big detail.

Sound: D. Ugh, this is the worst part of the game. The engine roars are neat the first couple of times, but after they loop for the 107th time, it gets annoying. Cranking up the Rage Against the Machine will provide adequate audio.

Fun: B. The best feature is denfinetly when you're up against a friend as well as the computer.

Overall: B. A nice addition for a racing fan. It has lots of flaws but it's entertaining.