Developer: Konami
Publisher: Konami
Year: 1992
Rarity: B-
Password/Save: No

Oh no! Shredder is at it again. His evil thugs, the Foot Clan, have captured April O'Neil and taken Manhattan Island far into the sky. Using for turtles, rescue April, bring down Manhattan, and destroy Shredder, Krang, and all their evil thugs.

Challenge: B+. It'll be a while yet before you get the best of Shredder and the Foot Clan.

Graphics: B. Nicely drawn, typical of a late NES release. A pleasure to look at. It's better than the first two games: the characters aren't so fat.

Sound: A. The sound effects are great, but the music is energizing and fun to listen to.

Fun: A. Two player action is nonstop fun. Try beating the shit out of each other!

Overall: B+. The best of the series, and my favorite martial-arts game.