Developer: Atari Games
Publisher: Tengen
Year: 1988
Rarity: A-
Password/Save: No

Well, well, well, the famed Tengen Tetris. Ultra rare, and a prized part of anyone's collection. But you rarely ever hear about the actual gameplay, which is very, very good. This game will be prized by the collector and player alike.

Challenge: C+. Like it or not, it's still basically the same traditional game. You do good until it gets so fast you have to just guess.

Graphics: A. Probably about as good as you can get for a game like this. I just don't know why, but they outrank Nintendo's. There are more colors on the screen at once, unlike the other version where they change each level.

Sound: B. Traditional Russian tunes by old-time composers. Better than Nintendo's version. Plus, there's four to choose from.

Fun: A. This cart has one player, two player, cooperative with the computer, cooperative with another player, and against the computer. How's that for options?

Overall: A. The different play modes pulls it out ahead the other Tetris versions. A great game all around.