Developer: Rare
Publisher: Milton Bradley
Year: 1989
Rarity: C
Password/Save: No

In 2999, the earth has been invaded by the evil Drakkens, who are going back in time to change earth's past. In order to keep the past from disaster, Time Lord must go back to four historical periods, defeat the Drakkens, collect five Time Orbs, and all before the eve of 3000 (Y3K). Stashed through various parts of the levels are weapons that scientists managed to put there -- if you don't find them, you have to use your bare hands.

Challenge: B+. I can beat the first two levels with ease, but in the Old West, there's this big Amigo guy that I've been trying to beat for eight years. Impossible!

Graphics: C+. Just slightly over par; nothing spectacular. They seem kind of drab and dark.

Sound: A. Quite possibly the best part of the game. Of course, Rare is known for that.

Fun: D+. Spending eight years trying to beat a level is really not fun.

Overall: D+. I have to give this game a low grade simply because of the challenge and gameplay -- the controls are goofy, but this one had a lot of potential if Rare had played their cards right.