Developer: Activision
Publisher: Activision
Year: 1991
Rarity: B+
Password/Save: Password

Ultimate Air Combat really lives up to its name. It is the ultimate air combat game. The evil oil-rich Don Gwano has invaded neighboring countries in the far east, and it's up to you to stop them. You get the choice of the F-14 Tomcat, AV-8 Harrier, or the F/A-18 Hornet. Lose one plane, use the next. In addition to the regular flight simulator view, it has a snazzy overhead view for bombing ground targets. A very, very, worthy addition to anyone's NES collection.

Challenge : A. Completing four missions for each of the nine levels will keep you busy for a while.

Graphics : B. Excellent.

Sound : A+. Nice rock-type music, and I'll never get you bored or get repetitive. Also the best voice synthesizer I've ever heard on the NES. "Fire", "We're Hit!", and "Bougey!" among others.

Fun : A. Fun, fun, fun, fun!

Overall : A. The best flight simulator available for the NES.