Developer: Bethesda Softworks
Publisher: TH*Q
Year: 1990
Rarity: C+
Password/Save: No

Wayne Gretzky Hockey say the least....a sorry piece of shit. An attempt to make a good hockey game after Blades of Steel and Ice Hockey was doomed to failure before it started. The box states this game won some kind of best sports game of the year award. Wonder what they were smokin' when they came up with that. By all means stay away from this . . . evil piece of T*HQ trash.

Challenge: D. Hard and frustrating because the play control sucks ass.

Graphics: D. Little overhead dots, and crappy two frame animation.

Sound: D-. What little sound there is here must have been composed in 15 minutes....terrible.

Fun: F. See above why this game is not fun.

Overall: F. The worst hockey game ever. That's all there is to it.