The first thing you may notice about Technos is their unique characters used in many games:

The characters are super-deformed with pretty much no neck. In Japan his name was Kunio, and in the US he was known as Alex or Crash. Another thing you may notice is that many of their games are beat 'em ups. In fact, even Nintendo World Cup Soccer is centered mainly around tackling your unsuspecting foes. I really like the music in almost all of the Technos games; they have an energizing and catchy tune to all of them. Another thing to mention is that Technos developed games under Technos Japan, and were published by other companies. Later on, they wrote and released under American Technos. So in closing, Technos was great. Period. I highly recommend all of their games.
The complete list of Technos games.

Crash & the Boys Ice Challenge Technos Japan FAMICOM RELEASE Crash & the Boys Street Challange American Technos B Double Dragon Tradewest E Double Dragon 2 : The Revenge Acclaim D Double Dragon 3 : The Sacred Stones Acclaim C+ Nintendo World Cup Soccer Nintendo C- Nintendo World Cup Soccer/Volleyball Nintendo C- Renegade Taito C- River City Ransom American Technos C Super Dodge Ball CSG Imagesoft C Super Spike Volleyball Nintendo C-